, with their messy pages and frustrating entries in writing that can't be understood, are not a great look for any professional business. In today’s competitive world where time means money, it is important that you make optimum use of the available time & resources. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could create an appointment in a jiffy or click on the client's name and move it to a new time? You should really spend less time for your customers and more time focusing on your customers needs.

Chipin helps you achieve your best with its , ensuring that you and your workers are spending your time more productively.

Chipin’s , ED is an application aimed at easing the business processes involved in of Appointments in business outfits like & Beauty Centers, Clinics, Hospitals, Consulting Firms etc. ED automates the processes involved in maintenance of appointments, making the information flow easy and accurate.

ED not only makes your business more professional and boosts productivity - it has the capacity to streamline your business efficiency.

Key Features

  • Maintenance of Organization Structure

    ED allows you to create and maintain organization hierarchy categorizing them into Group, Company and Centers. The user access is maintained at the Center level and allows the Center Manager to maintain Center related information such as creating users, shifts, resources etc.

  • Maintenance of Clients

    ED allows basic client information to be maintained, such as Client Name, Number and Email Address in order to use it for sending email confirmations to clients and internal reporting.

  • Maintenance of Packages

    As any business outfit offers various services, the same can be maintained in ED mentioning the time, material and equipment required for each service along with the checklist of items to be done on each service. ED also allows maintenance of appointments with professionals.

  • One Touch Appointment Scheduling

    Being a user friendly system, ED allows the end user to create, confirm and cancel bookings with a couple of clicks. are reflected by color coding in ED in order to ease understanding. Cancellation of appointments can be customized in line with the cancellation policy with provisions for making exceptions where ever required.

  • Maintenance of Waitlist

    ED has a feature of maintaining waitlist with the provision of auto matching of available slots with waitlist options and showing the project booking.

  • Maintenance of Staff Roaster

    ED provides a provision of maintaining staff roaster including shifts, weekly offs and Annual Vacations.

  • Reporting

    ED provides certain reports such as , Cancellation Percentage, Booking Confirmation, Follow-up etc. The report list is customizable with an aim to incorporate any specific requirement.

For more details on how ED can assist you in achieving the above, please and a member of our sales team will be happy to assist you.