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The brand FingerTec was introduced in 2000, with a visionary objective of bringing the then high-tech fingerprint technology dominated by the government sector into a technology that is viable, affordable and reachable by the mass commercial market.FingerTec’s first 5-year plan was dedicated to the R&D incubation, mainly targeted in improving the fingerprint matching algorithm, the product’s robustness and user-friendliness; in short to provide fundamentals for the brand to soar high when it was ready to take off. Within those early 5 years, FingerTec received 3 international awards as recognitions for its technology advancements.

In 2005, FingerTec embarked on its next 5-year plan, which focused more on the worldwide market expansion. The plan deployed new branding concepts and strategies, which included product D-I-Y, Internet marketing & support, while continuing its efforts to improve the R&D plans and activities. The results were stunning; FingerTec was elevated as one of the most recognized biometric brands in the world within a short period of time. Armed with all the above-mentioned elements, FingerTec spreads its wings fast and far, and doubled its sales every year with its products presence in around 100 countries in those five years.

FingerTec produces sophisticated Biometric products that are affordable and practical for the Workforce Management and Security industry. Their Time Attendance System Dubai Manages Time & Attendance accurately and secure your premises with fingerprint and facial recognition technology; combined with a variety of card solutions.

It is often a difficult task to keep track on the activities of every employee at the workplace. But with the advanced biometric fingerprint time attendance systems available in Dubai, Every employer can efficiently monitor their employees and can easily assess their overtime benefits.

Fingerprint Time attendance system Dubai makes it easier to keep track on every employee and helps to prevent buddy punching or (employee proxy attendance). Biometric features in this time attendance systems like fingerprints recognition make it nearly impossible for anyone to replicate or share their identity.

If you are looking for a biometric time attendance system in Dubai, then we can deliver a cost-effective solution for your requirements. One of the Major brands in manufacturing quality attendance machines is Fingertec. We are the leading distributors of their products. Increase your employee productivity with the help of latest technologies.

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