Quick HR is a comprehensive one-stop HRMS & Payroll Solution for small & mid-sized companies. It has been developed specially for GCC members (UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) to provide your organization with all the necessary functions required to manage & maintain Employee Profiles, Payroll calculation and WPS file (.Sif File) with automatic calculations of earnings & deduction.

It replaces strenuous paper-based, time consuming and error prone processing of payroll with a simple to use software with an elegant user interface. It can be customized to suit your needs and meet desired level of automation It's already the #1 choice for Payroll Software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Muscat (Oman).

Key Features

  • Employee Management

    Quick HR lets you maintain comprehensive Employee records details such as Personal Information, Contact Information, Picture, Insurance details, Salary, Passport, Visa, Experience, Qualification, Expense Claims, Complaints and Leave History. You can practically record any detail for the employee using the Employee Master Screen and attach any relevant documents to the employee record.

  • Process Payroll

    Quick HR Lets you process the monthly payroll with a couple of clicks. The software automatically calculates the net pay based on the Salary Entitlements, Monthly Earnings & Deductions, Leave & Absence, Overtime etc. You can reprocess the multiple times to accommodate any missed entries. Once the payroll is processed, you can print all the supporting reports to substantiate your payroll calculations.

  • Print Or Email Payslips

    Once the payroll is processed, you can either print the payslips or email it to your employees with a single click. This makes payroll disbursement very easy to manage.

  • Track Paid & Unpaid Salaries

    Quick HR allows you to track the payment of salaries through Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer or WPS. This allows you to record all payments made and identify any missed or unpaid salaries with ease.

  • Document Expiry Reminder

    Forgot to renew the visa or employee passport? You will never face this challenge with Quick-HR on your side. The software provides you with an easy to manage interface for tracking upcoming expiries be it, Visa, Labour Card, Medical Insurance, Probation Confirmation etc. Get easy reminders straight on your Dashboard.

  • Automatic Generation Of Wps File

    Based on the payroll processing, Quick-HR creates the WPS Sif file automatically that meets the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization requirements for Salary disbursement. You can convert this file to excel or upload it straight to you Bank.

  • Employee Loans Tracking

    Manage Employee Loans and Cash Advances quickly and easily with Quick-HR. Track the loan/cash advance amount and the number of instalments in which it will be repaid. Quick-HR will automatically deduct the instalment amount from the payroll each month till the entire loan/advance is recovered. You can adjust instalment deduction amount for any month and Quick-HR takes care of balance amount on its own.

  • Employee Leave Tracking

    Quick-HR allows you to record all type of leaves including Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Sick Leave, unpaid leave etc. The software also accrues the leaves for each employee based on their attendance making it simple to track the leave balances.

  • Employee Overtime Tracking

    Tracking Overtime Hours and calculating the Overtime amount has never been so simple. You can import the Overtime entries or create them on by one for each employee depending on your requirements. Once done, Quick-HR calculates the OT Amount for each employee and add it to their Payroll.

  • Employee Attendance Management

    Mark only absence or import data from your time an attendance machine to record employee attendance. Quick-HR records the attendance and provides you with attendance slip for each employee to get it signed at the time of payroll processing.

  • Employee End Of Service Management

    Calculate accurate End of Service Benefits for leaving employees. Quick-HR automatically calculates the Gratuity, Notice Period Pay, Leave Salary Balance and any other allowance to be provided to any leaving employee. The software has built in features to calculate the End of Service Benefits based on Resignation or Termination of the employee.

  • Document Attachments

    Never miss an employee document again with Quick-HR. You can scan and attach all employee documents into the system for quick and easy reference along with full employee record. You can attach unlimited documents for each employee in word, excel, pdf or jpg format.

  • Reporting

    You will love the extensive reporting which Quick-HR Provides with the flexibility of exporting reports to PDF, Excel or Word. Reports range from transactional reports on earnings & deductions, Overtime, Attendance to summary reports for Payroll Register, Leave Accrual History etc