Shriram Srinivasa Raghavan

We have been using their KallGauge software since last 4 years. As a mobile invoice consolidation and management tool, it has helped us immensely in reducing our paper work and to recover the personal charges from the users in a timely and effective manner. Following its success in our UAE office, it has been rolled out in our KSA and IRAQ offices too.

KallGauge has undergone lot of enhancements and is continuously improving. The prospect of the tool being available as a mobile app is even more exciting.

Chipin has done a good job.

John W.R. Paul

As a company we have been struggling with our email management for years and were receiving too much spam. We were never sure if we should stick to our current system of Microsoft Outlook or move to Outlook Exchange or perhaps even Google. Thankfully Chipin was able to explain to us clearly what the differences were and what would be the advantages of each choice.

We finally decided to migrate to Outlook Exchange and had Chipin carry out the migration. It was a very professional experience, the team of Chipin managed the project well from start to finish, answered all our questions and provided training to our staff where we required. Thank you Chipin.

We recommend their services to anyone.

Nabeel Akbar

Chipin Corp , has been providing IT Support Services to our Company KSB Service LLC in Abu Dhabi for over an year now. They have delivered on all their promises. Excellent customer service ,with a competent team working for us at any given time. There turnaround time to fix issues have been tremendous.

They give us a complete IT solution package (hardware ,software, maintenance, back up ,emails etc.) on very competitive rates . All in all the experience with Chipin and Chipin personnel have been excellent.


One of the most professional team that I have come across. Chipin’s entire team are not only creative solution providers but also partners in the growth of our business. They are always on time, cost effective, friendly, professional, and extremely well organized in what they do. We look forward on keeping them on board in the years to come.


We chose Chipin to build, manage and our IT system five years ago and have never looked back. Their is second to none, during or after hours. They have always managed to find solutions, even to problems which we thought were unsolvable. I highly recommend the solutions and services they provide.

Sahil Sood

We were looking for a solution to manage multiple cheque books. Chipin’s team quickly grasped our needs and provided a stunning software - . New versions and amendments to suit our business model were done on priority. We really appreciate their flexibility and efficiency. It's great to work with the team which is so open-minded and responsive. Thank you!

Shailesh Dhoria

We have been associated with Chipin for more than four years and during this tenure we never had to worry about any of our problem, difficulty, new set up for our IT department. Chipin has been one of our best partner throughout this journey of result oriented customer support finely executed in a very timely management. I wish all the very best for their bright future!

Jiju M

Chipin has been a reliable service provider for all our Hardware and . They have been prompt, efficient and cost effective. We really appreciate their professional and quick support on all issues and wish them all the very best!

Gokulnath Prabhu

Chipin provides with timely and quick response and has been of great service to us. Though the software has been user-friendly and with minimum complications, response and support from the service people has been great and that one trait, separates the regular and better software.

Shyam Shivadekar

Chipin is looking after our for last more than 4 years and we have found their services quite prompt and efficient. They are forthright, honest and specialize in time bound services. We wish them all the best in all their endeavors.

Michel Francis

Our was performed with zero down time over a weekend with the careful and precise planning from the Chipin Team. The from the expert team of Chipin has been with us for over 5 years and we are delighted to have them as our in Abu Dhabi.

Grace A. Guerrero

CHIPIN and its team of professionals have gone way above and beyond excellence!!No task is too big or too small.They approach all tasks with positive attitude.I would choose all 3 point selections ... initiative, Integrity and responsiveness.We at Selat Marine Services, would not do well without this team of professionals.MORE POWER, CHIPIN!!!!